10th of October 2018.- The View Marbella and Los Naranjos Golf Club held a golf tournament and a party set in the 20s to welcome the golf club members, who remain true to the destination. Since Scandinavian tourism began to arrive on the peninsula in the 70s with the beginnings of charter flights and group tourism, the Costa del Sol has been a favorite destination to visit but also to live.


A trend, residential tourism, in which the Nordic customer has gained special prominence. In fact, the people in charge of The View Marbella have registered an important level of information request from Sweden. Currently occupies the second position in its ranking of nationalities, led by the Belgians. "These two nationalities represent our main customers in recent years," says Simón Boxus, sales manager at The View Marbella. "Previously, the market was controlled by the British public but since the announcement of Brexit these two countries have climbed positions to head most of the listings in the real estate market," says Boxus.

The Nordic buyer has been visiting the Costa del Sol for decades and has a very important knowledge of the local real estate market, which makes it a highly informed and demanding customer. Initially, this type of buyer opted for the standard two-bedroom house for use during the winter months, however they have evolved enormously and currently seek high end housing with spacious rooms and modern architecture in price ranges starting from one million euros for the case of the apartments and 2.5 million in the villas.

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In addition, their knowledge of the area makes them request ideal sites, close to all facilities, with excellent access and next to the one known as the Golf Valley to practice one of their favorite sports. From the identification of all these needs are born projects such as The View Marbella, a real luxury complex, located on the Golf Valley where you can find a house designed in detail that includes all your needs.

This boutique resort has not left any detail to chance. Each material included has been carefully studied and evaluated, as well as each plan developed to provide a spacious, comfortable and taking advantage of the best views available in the area. From the gardening project, through the facilities in situ, the style of decoration, sustainability, or common areas, everything has been studied to deserve the name of luxury.